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Technology Driven House Construction Processes for Better Customer Experience| Epikaizo Construction

For modern home construction contractors, the recent times have been turbulent to say the least. In a country like India where majority of the house construction contractors work in unorganized sector with very little technology exposure, the pandemic outbreak meant complete chaos. The lockdowns resulted in suspension of construction activities, and even after resumption of operations, there has been a lack of labour and materials for the Indian house building companies. However, it is the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and CCTV driven video surveillance that now separates best home builders in India from the rest. There have been some really successful startups in the construction sector that have transformed the customer experience through usage of technology. There are a number of benefits that technology driven construction processes offer to the customers. Let’s take a look at some of these: Professional Service: Building one’s own home is a dream for most of the people especially when it comes to the urban residents who have to overcome challenges like high cost of land to start the construction process in the first place. Subsequently, the unregulated and whimsical manner in which typical house construction contractors work, makes getting the home built by professional experts an uphill task. This is where the integration of advanced technology-driven construction processes is enabling emerging home construction companies to enhance the experience through their professional services. A modern housing construction company would offer 360 degrees bouquet of services on a single platform. Starting from design to getting legal approvals, building the house and getting the necessary electric, water supply and other installations and interior design works, everything can be availed on a single web-based platform. Transparency of operations: Transparency in construction is almost an unheard term for most Indian customers and home construction contractors alike. Lack of technology and data-driven operations has resulted in a scenario where even after negotiating the contract and costs, the customers are never certain about hidden costs or the quality of materials that the unorganized sector house construction contractors will use. However, when a digital construction platform is used, every aspect of the construction process remains fully transparent. Right from the cost estimation and signing of the construction contract until the handover of the built-up property, the best home construction companies in India use technology to communicate the details with their customers. Such companies share each and every estimated cost and even go on to sign a price guarantee ensuring that the price agreed at the time of contracting is maintained. Digital tracking of construction: The post-pandemic scenario has necessitated adherence to reduced presence of labourers and other construction related crews onsite. This is where, the CCTV driven digital construction activities ensure that even if the customers or the construction supervisors are not present at the work-site round-the-clock, they are able to monitor the progress remotely. All details such as construction updates, real-time inventory tracking of the materials in stock and materials required is digitally ensured. Since the entire construction process is governed by a cloud/online platform, the leading residential building contractors also offer an integrated smartphone app solution. This allows easy anytime, anywhere access and management of the entire construction process, optimisation of resources and superior customer experience. Adherence to timelines: One of the biggest challenges in home construction is delays. Even a small renovation project drags on weeks or even months beyond the estimated timeline and it is not uncommon to see residential building contractors fail to stick to the timelines they promise. Due to the challenges in material supplies and labour availability, the timelines have become even more dodgy for the customers. However, this delay in construction can be extremely uncomfortable and costly for the home owners as they have to wait longer before moving in, and usually pay extra in the form of hidden costs and additional labour charges. However, the top home construction contractors use digital designing and data analytics tools to precisely calculate the time and materials required to build the home, and commit to timelines that are strictly adhered to. Technology in Indian construction sector is undergoing a transformation courtesy of the modern house building companies like Epikaizo Construction , and digitization of processes holds the key to superior business growth and customer experience!


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