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Building a Home in Hyderabad: New Home Cost Estimator by Epikaizo Constructions

The digitization of home construction in India has been gathering pace in the recent years. We at Epikaizo Constructions have believed in the power of digital technology, and leveraged it to deliver top-class home construction services in Hyderabad region since the start.

As technology evolves, newer and more advanced features and services have become possible in the home construction sector. The digital advancement is so impactful that things that were considered to be impossible for machines are now being done automatically through smart online tools. One such innovation is the Epikaizo Constructions.

Using this new home cost estimator makes it a lot easier and transparent for the clients to get their home built without any worries of deviations and cost escalations. Here are some of the top reasons why you must try the New Home Cost Estimator by Epikaizo Constructions:

Precision: Home construction is an area notorious for cost-overruns and budget escalations. In such a scenario, the Epikaizo Constructions NEW HOME COST ESTIMATOR enables clients to track all their expenditure on the construction with greater precision than the manual processes. At a time when the pandemic has economically affected almost all of us, it is imperative for the clients as well as the construction service providers to keep track of factors like equipment costs, labour costs, material costs and so on. That’s where this estimator tool ensures that there is greater accuracy in all aspects of costing.

Seamless project management: There are so many components of home construction such as design, construction, material management, labour management, interiors and fittings etc. Through this software driven service, Epikaizo Constructions is able to integrate all the processes seamlessly and deliver a smoother experience to you. The flow of materials from procurement, storage and consumption becomes easy to track through the software and it optimizes the entire workflow.

Consistency: The new home cost estimator by Epikaizo Constructions eliminates any inconsistencies that manual estimates might come up with. It uses the same processes, estimation method and algorithms to come up with a consistent budget estimate. Thus, with us, you can be assured that there will not only be timely updates, but, cost overruns due to inefficiencies will be eliminated.

Comfort: A lot of people shy away from building their dream homes simply due to the numerous headaches and challenges involved in the typical process. Through an innovation like the new home cost estimator, Epikaizo Constructions has created a digital flow of processes that is seamless and transparent. At any given time, you have clear visibility, ability to dynamically communicate with the construction team and enjoy complete peace of mind while we build your home.

Efficiency: Once the whole process is computerized and online, it becomes a lot easier to quickly and efficiently carry out the construction activities. There is no delay due to lack of information or clarity. This is the reason why we have been able to regularly deliver the projects on time.

Professional experience: The digital approach and integration of the new home cost estimator has given Epikaizo Constructions a superior professional edge that the conventional home construction contractors don’t have. We have used technology to get rid of outdated, unscientific as well as slow methods of service delivery. Our software driven process keeps running even if there is a movement restriction or lockdown.

With such advanced digital technology at your disposal, there is no reason why you should continue to suffer the inconsistencies, higher costs and delays that the unorganized home construction sector is infamous for.

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