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Things to keep in mind while choosing home construction partner

One of the most important and challenging decisions for anyone to take is to choose the right home construction partner for his/her dream home project. If not chosen smartly and carefully, the wrong home construction partner could set you back by countless hours, millions of rupees, and probably a home that would either be a compromised version of your vision or one that would keep causing problems throughout the years to come.

Quite often, people tend to go with the company that offers the grandest design or the cheapest price deal. However, there is more to building a great home apart from an appealing design or the cost. To help you overcome this challenge, we present to you a list of things to keep in mind while choosing home construction partner for your project. Here they are:

Experience:Past success is always a good indicator of future potential. Construction companies with a good track record of delivering successful projects on time offer you an assured chance of getting a great home construction experience. This is where Hocomoco has made its mark in the Indian home construction arena by being the ‘best in class’service provider, a recognition earned due to the experience of in-house design and construction team. With Hocomoco, you can be assured of an absolutely world-class home construction experience from start to finish.

Costs and budget: Construction of your home primarily depends on your budget and the cost efficiency offered by your home construction partner.An ideal choice would be a home construction company that can deliver the best results for the lowest spend. However, that doesn’t mean you need to put cost at the core of decision making. Rather, you need a construction company that respects your budgetary limits and strives to deliver the best value within those limits. With Hocomoco, the experience starts even before you sign the contract. HocoMoco is a digitally managed construction service provider that offers an online cost estimator which helps you get a precise and committed cost estimate. There are different price points to choose from and once you choose a budget, the company makes sure to deliver the project within that budget.

The Ecosystem:Typically, a home construction project requires more than just the construction contractor and the success of the project depends on the quality of sub-contractors such as the electrification, plumbing, interior design and other such service providers. It is very important for the construction company to offer best quality sub-contractors. This is again an area where Hocomoco ranks high as a home construction partner with a robust ecosystem. A project with Hocomoco ensures that you get complete peace of mind with seamless and holistic management of all the project needs.

Legalities:Indian home construction sector is dominated by unorganized sector contractors, most of whom don’t even have the necessary licenses and approvals to carry out the kind of projects they undertake. You don’t get any kind of insurance support or commitment from them. However, Hocomoco is a legally registered company with all necessary licenses and certifications in place. Not only that, your project is insured with Hocomoco and any support for challenges faced post-construction is just a phone call away.

Giving top priority to your goals: Unorganized sector construction contractors often go back on their promises. They would agree to almost everything you say, but, are likely to make changes on the go, often without your permission as well. Whether it is a different shade of the paint from what you had wanted to altering the quality of materials or fixtures that you had wanted. In fact, it is not rare to see the contractors make changes to interior design or even house layout as per their own judgment without bothering to consult the clients. However, with Epikaizo Construction , you can be assured of getting exactly what you had signed up for. There will be no cost changes, no unapproved alterations and no delays in construction and handover of your project.

Right from the outset, Epikaizo Construction has been focusing on the vision of eliminating the hassles of home construction and giving the clients world-class construction experience in India. Go ahead and explore the real pleasures of building your home with Epikaizo Construction as your home construction partner!


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