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Sustainable construction The future or a simple myth

Arguably, Construction industry is one of the most contributing to the amount of CO2 which is released into the ecosystem. A considerable amount of 35% to 45% of CO2 is released causing rising temperatures and other global problems. Among the different resolutions passed to decrease the emissions of greenhouse gas, the construction industry needs to amend its ways to minimize the harm by following more sustainable methods of construction. Employing technology and value prefab Employing big data in the scheduling of delivery of different materials required for construction will make it much easier for the contractor and also we can reduce the frequency of the delivery trucks etc. indirectly minimizing the carbon footprint.

Most of the delivery of the material usually happens during the peak times which enables the vehicles to burn more fuel and have much more impact on the environment. Home construction can always be optimizedBy using different technologies, majorly by preplanning a lot of construction activities. Research suggests that using the technology for scheduling and bringing in the involvement of prefab construction can cut down the waste significantly by more than 80% compared to the conventional way of handling things at the site. Partly we need to thank the data resources and analytics planning which is enabling us to harness the technologies in the construction sector Minimization of construction debris The production of construction debris is a major problem for a lot of builders and specifically it is a great problem for the municipal bodies and also the people staying around. A lot of times construction debris is directly disposed of into landfills without even being segregated or treated properly.


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