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Home Construction Challenges in post-pandemic India

The year 2020 was a very difficult one for even the best home construction companies in India. This year again we had to endure a deadly second wave but now things are rapidly resuming normalcy for the industry. However, as the new normal has changed things drastically, the construction industry is faced with significant new challenges, and innovative usage of advanced technologies in home construction has become a necessity.

For any construction company in India, usage of smart digital construction platforms helps in overcoming design problems, inefficiencies, outdated and unsafe processes as well as the environmental impact. In the new normal, there is also a shortage of labour and house construction companies in particular are experiencing up to 30% - 40% drop in output, leading to delays in project completion. While there are numerous benefits of using tech in residential building construction, here are four ways that the digital technology is going to transform the home construction industry in the years ahead:

Planning and design enhancement: Unlike the past where the architects would draw blueprints on paper, modern house building companies use digital and virtual software to create 3-d designs and walkthrough of the proposed construction. This can give the consumers a precise feel of how their home is going to look like and any changes if felt can be done right at the visualisation stage instead of incurring costs on altering something after it has been built. This not only saves a lot of material wastage costs, but also speeds up the entire construction process as making changes to a building design on computer is not as time consuming as altering a part of the constructed structure. Further, the virtual collaboration tools and online consultations enable exchange of information and feedback in real-time even if in-person meetings are to be avoided.

Safety: Top home construction contractors in India are already using cutting-edge technology platforms to manage processes. The right usage of technology such as online platforms with integrated planning, monitoring and surveillance systems and AI analytics can make construction safer. For instance, prefab technology is being used in almost every type of project nowadays, and data-driven standardization helps in making the fabrication more reliable, consistent, faster and safer. Instead of in-person supervision which often leaves gaps in monitoring, advanced CCTV-based surveillance can enable controlling of the entire construction activities from a single on-site or even remote command centre. Similarly, the feed can be shared with the client to ensure real-time visibility of the progress without a need for personal site-inspections.

Transparency: One of the long-standing challenges faced by house construction contractors is that they are considered to be opaque in their operations. The materials consumed, labourers employed and various other factors lead to cost escalations, friction and often delays or incomplete construction. However, digital processes can provide greater accountability on the part of home construction contractor. The quantity and quality of materials purchased, consumed and in-stock can be monitored on a day-to-day basis, leading to greater trust and peace of mind for the customers.

Accuracy of timelines: Smart digital technology driven platforms lead to tremendous time savings as communication becomes real-time, payments are transferred digitally and approvals as well as feedbacks are taken online. Computerized design processes are also a lot more impactful, clear to understand and faster than the manual designing processes. Further, prefabricated components and modules are used to expedite the processes.

As one of the best home construction contactors in India, HocoMoco has been using cutting-edge technology from the outset to address challenges faced by the regular house construction contractors. The company has deployed an end-to-end digital platform which covers all aspects of the construction process starting from signing of the contract to the handover of the completed project. HocoMoco offers complete transparency, ability to construct houses as per the client’s budget, and regularly delivers projects on time, even in the post-pandemic times. Moreover, the usage of advanced technology, material consumption forecasting through AI analytics etc enables HocoMoco to offer a price guarantee which implies that once the contract is signed, there will be no cost escalations during the construction stage. The company is already ranked among the best house construction companies in Hyderabad and now aims to become renowned as the best home builders in India.

By 2030, nearly 40% Indians will leave in the urban areas and contributing 75% of the GDP. Millions of new houses will need to be built to accommodate this population and technology is going to be pivotal in achieving that target.



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