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How Construction Tech Companies would change the home building scenario after COVID 19

The world is now amidst a major pandemic and many sectors are either distressed or restructured themselves. Construction is one such sector. There have been multiple problems like migration of labor, delay in material procurement and indefinite extension of project timelines. At this time of crucial economic crisis, approaching a regular way to address something like home construction could be a very difficult task. Construction companies like Epikaizo Constructions, are entering into the construction tech market by providing turnkey home construction services which are making the lives of multiple home builders much easier. For homeowners coordinating with multiple departments, at these severe times can be a Herculean task but Epikaizo Constructions it much easier for them by providing all the services at one point. Though the traditional construction practices may prevail in the housing sector, the innovation and the technologies which are being introduced can minimize the project turnout times. The new construction technology has a great scope for leading us into a novel ,comparatively sustainable and affordable housing era. With the support of the professional tools, the companies like Epikaizo Constructions have enormous opportunity to provide pocket friendly and comfy housing for growing global/urban population. Epikaizo Constructions tells us that the usage of digital technologies and latest construction techniques can minimize the time of the project compared to the conventional building methods. When this happens the productivity also increases which is very important in terms of meeting up deadlines post the lock down. So and so, a client of a Epikaizo Constructions tells that he had experienced considerable amount of cost escalations in terms of the material and also he had experienced unexpected extensions in the duration of the project timeline. Apart from all these difficulties there are also additional issues like supply issues and bad weather. Many conventional things like education have gone online during these times, but still there is an entire segment of people who do not believe in taking construction online. We aim to educate people and also give them different benefits of going online specifically when they are constructing a home. Epikaizo Constructions, has introduced E-Monitoring service for clients to monitor their home construction remotely from wherever they are at. Constantly coming to the site and coordinating with the employees is not possible for full time employees who are trying to build their individual homes. For them, this is the best solution. COVID 19 has made people to embrace technology and innovation, in sectors which are not usually aligned to very much in India. But it’s time to change. It’s time to outsource .Innovation has helped a large number of us overcome crisis situations. Right now is an ideal opportunity to tap its potential in the construction sector.


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