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From Labour Intensive to Quality-Centric: Technology Changing Indian Construction Industry

The Indian construction industry is a behemoth employing tens of millions of people, making a significant contribution to the Indian economy. Yet, the sector is infamous for the dominance of unorganized entities and house construction contractors with little technology knowhow or focus on customer experience.

Internationally, cutting-edge tech tools and applications have been instrumental in changing the way construction engineers design, and execute projects. However, construction contractors in India typically remained oblivious to the changing trends until the pandemic arrived on the scene and disrupted the industry in an unprecedented manner.

The lack of technology usage by home construction contractors implied that they had to rely heavily on manual effort for every part of the construction process. However, once the pandemic spread, labour scarcity made most of the home building contractors struggle. This is where some of the modern construction sector companies have introduced world-class construction platform services to fundamentally alter the way houses are built in India. The best home builders in India are now using online platforms to deliver end-to-end construction services in a less labour intensive and more quality-centric manner.

Some of the leading residential home building companies in India have built web-based and smartphone app driven platforms featuring AI, Data Analytics, and IoT tools to simplify and streamline the whole process.

For instance, a housing project meant numerous and regular meetings with various contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers etc. In the post-pandemic scenario, technology is enabling people to take the meetings to the virtual world. If one has to meet the contractor for home construction, logging on to the platform is all one needs to do. Customers get online, calculate the estimated costs using software-based online home construction cost estimation tools and the pricing discussions are carried out virtually. Instead of presenting paper blueprints, computerized designs are shared on the platform and everything including the client approvals, payment transfers as well as material selection is done digitally by the top residential construction companies nowadays.

This switch from being a labour intensive to technology driven arena is helping home construction contractors address most of the challenges and deliver a far superior customer experience. For instance, the monitoring of the construction materials, number of labourers deployed on site, and other accountability related concerns are overcome by a round-the-clock CCTV-based remote monitoring option. The top residential construction companies integrate real-time site inspection feature into their mobile applications.

The digital transformation of the construction activities also augurs well for the timeliness of projects. There is complete transparency and accountability in terms of pricing and timelines. The best home construction companies in India have started opting for modular construction wherein pre-fabricated pieces are built at a central location and assembled on-site to quickly complete the construction project without any compromise on the quality or structural integrity. The integration of AI and analytics helps in precise estimates of the timelines and the house construction contractors are able to commit timelines that are adhered to.

Overall, the transformation of outdated labour-intensive processes into smart technology driven and lean operations is boosting efficiency, cost-effectiveness and comfort factor for the customers. This digital approach is going to be essential for any home construction contractor that aspires to evolve as the best construction company in India in the years ahead!


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