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Epikaizo : Technology-driven building construction company in India

India is not only the second most populated country in the world, but also one of the largest real-estate markets globally. As per an estimate by Indian Brand Equity Foundation, Indian real estate economy will touch the $1 trillion mark by 2030. It is already a $200 billion segment which is dominated by unorganized sector with poor technology adoption until now. The prop-tech market is a niche at present and while its size is estimated to be around $250 million today, it is growing rapidly and will be worth $30 billion by 2030.

It is this prop-tech segment where Epikaizo Constructions is making a mark as a leading technology-driven building construction company in India. As has already been proven in various sectors, digital technology is the panacea for various challenges in the construction industry as well. As a rapidly growing technology driven building construction company in India, Epikaizo Constructions is using cutting-edge technologies to address problems that have afflicted the home construction sector in the country. We have integrated some of the most innovative and advanced solutions to deliver a construction experience that is hassle-free, efficient and completely transparent.

The building construction company has built a digital-first platform which allows you to calculate the cost estimate for your home online. Thus, you can know how much the construction is going to cost you before you sign the agreement. Epikaizo Constructions offers five major services covering the entire gamut of real-estate and home construction. These are:

Residential Construction: Building your own home is a major accomplishment, and it is imperative that you would want the best construction quality and experience for your home. That’s where we provide end-to-end technology driven residential construction services that will take away all the stress related to the construction process.

Commercial construction: Epikaizo Constructions technology driven solutions are also available for commercial building construction. We have a team with vast expertise to handle any type of project requirements.

Project Management: Quite often, it proves to be a big challenge to manage a construction project. There are so many components of the process such as designing, legalities, material procurement and the actual construction process. That’s where our expert project management team can take care of the entire project from start to finish.

Architecture and Structure: As a technology driven building construction company in India, Epikaizo Constructions prides itself in being capable of delivering excellent architectural designs and structure quality to its customers. Depending on your needs and preferences, we use the right materials for the right project and ensure each project is a grand success.

Interiors and Smart Home: This is the digital age and contemporary interior designing and Smart Home construction is gaining popularity by the day. Epikaizo Constructions is not only a technology-driven building construction company, but also has a strong team of expert interior designers and home automation professionals. We offer customized home interiors and smart automation options that suit your budget and preferences.

The one-stop-shop experience of Epikaizo Constructions construction services is further enhanced by the level of transparency on offer. You don’t have to pay any hidden charges and there is a price promise to ensure that the construction cost remains the same as discussed and finalized before the start of the work. Not only that, Epikaizo Constructions also offers flexible pricing allowing you to customize the project costs as per your suitability.

As a prop-tech building construction company in India, Epikaizo Constructions has integrated complete digital tracking on the platform. You can simply login to the platform or use the integrated smartphone app to digitally control and track the whole construction process, keep an eye on costs and material usage from any location, anytime. This frees you from the need to frequently visit the construction site and spend considerable amount of time trying to get everything under control. The superior technological advancement of Epikaizo Constructions services results in on-time delivery of the projects every time.

Gone are the days when construction required long-term personal involvement and hassles. Through the usage of cutting-edge technology and software driven processes, Epikaizo Constructions is rapidly transforming the customer experience of the construction process. Go ahead and experience the Epikaizo Constructions advantage yourself!


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