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Eliminating Home Construction Challenges through Technology

The ability to construct buildings is a distinct and empowering ability of human beings. All of us have dreams of owning a house as per our own preferences, and having desired comforts. However, it is unanimously believed that building the dream home is a major challenge in India. Majority of the HOME BUILDING CONTRACTORS IN INDIA haven’t yet caught up with the innovations ushered in by the latest technology and architectural styles. This is where Epikaizo Construction prides itself in being a transformational home construction company with the ability to use cutting-edge technology in construction. We are passionate about building homes that fulfil dreams of our clients. The delight of seeing your imagination take shape in front of your eyes in a convenient, quick, transparent, and safe manner is what drives Epikaizo Construction to regularly set new benchmarks. Our aim is to reshape the home construction processes currently in vogue by using the power of web technologies and ensuring transparency as well as simplification of the processes. Epikaizo Construction is a platform that you can rely on as the brand that will give you the most professional services. We don’t act as mediators, but rather take charge of the project to ensure that you get the result you seek. Whether it is the pandemic or any other crisis, we constantly endeavour to make your home construction journey as hassle-free as possible. Let’s take a look at 4 major challenges faced during home construction process and how Epikaizo Construction TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN APPROACH is helpful in resolving them: Transparency – In the conventional construction practices, there is hardly any scope for transparency of transactions. However, we have built a digital process flow wherein every transaction is accounted for, and you have complete transparency of the money being spent, and the materials being used. Streamlining the process – We have deployed cutting-edge digital tools to plan, design and execute the construction processes which help in seamless integration of different activities, and greater comfort for the clients. Timeliness – The importance as well as the challenge of on-time completion can hardly be overstated in construction sector. Delays are common in typical process and each delay usually leads to cost over-runs or compromises on quality as well as design for most. At Epikaizo Construction, we use technology to avoid all foreseeable delays and bottlenecks by provisioning for the entire construction cycle and ensure that you get the possession of your home as per the timeframe committed. Monitoring – Another major challenge why people hesitate to opt for construction is the lack of time and ability to monitor the process. You have got your own work to do, family to take care of, and in most cases, it is impossible for the home owners to remain personally present at the construction site throughout the project duration. Thus, misuse of material, theft, improper construction process or using the wrong type of materials are common hazards. Epikaizo Construction has resolved this challenge for good by using technology. Our tech-enabled monitoring offers features such as:

  • Daily progress report.

  • Tracking the timeline (work completed Vs work remaining).

  • Complete material report allowing you to track procurement, usage and availability of stock onsite.

  • Workforce report.

  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring to secure the construction site and prevent any thefts, vandalism or damage.

  • Complete monitoring of the cost flow.

Technology is helping Epikaizo Construction achieve new benchmarks of home construction with each new project completed. We are an ISO compliant company and we know that building your home has an incredible value in your life. Therefore, our focus is not just on building a structure and handing it over to you. We take every measure to ensure optimal utilization of the money you spend on building your home and construction quality that would withstand the trial of time and weather.

All these advantages come to you with a price guarantee. Thus, once your project is locked with us and a final quote has been approved, there is no risk of cost overruns. You will get the home you agreed for, at the price you agreed for.

Take the Epikaizo Construction advantage , and build your dream home with the ease that is every homeowner’s dream!


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