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Best individual house builders in Hyderabad

India has one of the largest housing construction markets in the world. However, the process of home construction continues to be dominated by unorganized sector players and outdated processes. There is hardly any usage of digital technology by majority of the home construction contractors and challenges such as lack of transparency, accountability, cost escalation and construction delays are common ,

In such a scenario, if one were to look for the best individual house builders in a city like Hyderabad, Epikaizo Constructions emerges as a clear leader. Epikaizo Constructions is a new age construction company established by Epikaizo group in 2017. to setup the brand to bring about the much-needed customer centric approach and use technology to become a force to reckon with among the best individual house builders in Hyderabad. There are a number of benefits that Epikaizo Construction provides its clients with:

Professional service experience: Epikaizo Constructions is a professional construction company which uses technology to streamline the entire process. The customers get best-in-class construction services in a one-stop-shop environment. Epikaizo Constructions has a vastly experienced in-house design and construction team that delivers complete end-to-end house construction services.

Flexible pricing: Unlike the other individual house builders, Epikaizo Constructions aims to provide absolutely customized services. The company understands how frustrating it can be to see the construction companies remain rigid with their pricing. With Epikaizo Constructions, you get the option to customize your project pricing as per your convenience.

100% transparency: With Epikaizo Constructions, transparency of pricing is a key benefit. There are no hidden charges and all the construction details and costs are clearly discussed and finalized upfront before signing the contract. Quality assurance: The biggest problem with private home builders is that they don’t have any accountability and often the quality of construction and materials used is different and inferior than what is promised initially. With a reputed technology driven construction company like Epikaizo Constructions there is no risk. We provide you with the quality assurance of right quality for the right price.

Insured work: With Epikaizo Constructions, you not only get the assured construction, but the building is also insured with us. We provide you complete support for the post-construction period. If you face any challenges, Epikaizo Constructions can be easily accessed via call or a click online.

Curbing malpractices: One of the core missions of Epikaizo Constructions is to end the malpractices adopted by individual house builders. We use cutting-edge technology to support you at every stage of the construction and provide protection from all fraudulent practices.

Digital Tracking: One of the biggest advantages of technology driven construction services provided by Epikaizo Constructions is the digital tracking service. All you need to do is to simply login to the platform and you can digitally control and track the entire construction of your home from any location, anytime.

Cost control: Epikaizo Constructions uses advanced digital technology and the company has recently taken home construction to a new height with the introduction of home construction cost estimator. Thus, we take into account all the construction requirements to finalize a quote. Once the quote is approved and the contract is signed then that is the price you need to pay for the home construction. There is no chance of cost over-runs because Epikaizo Constructions promises a 100% No Cost Overrun Policy.

On-time delivery: Building a home is not an easy accomplishment and often it could be something that you have waited several years for. Therefore, once Epikaizo Constructions takes up a project, it also commits to deliver ‘on time every time.’ We adopt smart construction practices to make sure that you don’t pay extra for the construction and don’t wait any longer beyond the agreed project delivery date.

Getting your home built through Epikaizo Constructions is a very simple process. You can share your requirement online and use the digital cost estimator to find out the cost of the construction. Once an agreement is achieved then a visit can be scheduled and formalities completed. Thereafter, you can sit back and relax while we build your home and deliver it on time and as promised. It is this unmatched sophistication that makes Epikaizo Constructions, the best individual house builders in Hyderabad!


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